AuRos Robotics
Our Staff!
The team has been working together for more than 7 years, with research, development and projects involving automation, artificial inteligence and robotics. About three years ago, the partners then decided to found AuRos Robotics, a Startup focused on the development of 4.0 technologies, designed to improve and facilitate people's lives.
Alexandre Horn
  • Me. Eng. de Computação
  • Esp. em Gestão de Projetos
  • Eng. Mecânico
Jusoan Mór
  • Doutorando Eng. Mecânica
  • Me. Eng. de Computação
  • Eng. de Automação
Eduardo Horn
  • Analista Internacional
  • Especialista em Direito Internacional

Huge south-brazilian company that operates on the production and trading of fruits. It's a benchmark both on the brasilian and world apple marketplace, for the high quality, food security and flavor of it's fruits.

The partnership between AuRos and AGROSPE first started in 2019. The company, looking for the improvement of it's orchards, allowed AuRos to test and evaluate their new technology, so they would improve their fruits quality as well as reduce costs and risks regarded to production.

Awarded in the Agro 4.0 program from ABDI, a Artificial Inteligence project for Monitoring Orchards.

Contracted Project: AUROS ROBOTICS - Pomology Monitoring by Computational Vision.

Tech companies incubator from Federal University of Rio Grande - FURG, in which AuRos Robotics is a resident startup. The incubator finds itself whitin the administrative sector of OCEANTEC - FURG's Science and Technological Park.

NVidia Inception Program.

AWS Activate Founders.